Watch all the "Then and Now' videos - a look back into Winston-Salem history

Learn about our past 100 years from historical government meeting notes: 

Winston-Salem 1913 - 1919 [pdf/976kb/25p] - includes: consolidation not favored by all; African-American fire department disbanded; Hanes Park donated.

Winston-Salem 1920 - 1929  [pdf/2072kb/27p] - includes: new City Hall site purchased; segregated districts defined; Waughtown area annexed.

Winston-Salem 1930 - 1939 [pdf/1.2mb/21p] - includes: depression causes mayor to request budget cuts; money donated for the construction of Reynolds Memorial Hospital;church building moved to comply with segregation laws.

Winston-Salem 1940 - 1949 [pdf/1.5mb/26p] - includes: recreation centers constructed at Happy Hill; city hires first African-American police officers; Marshall Kurfees elected mayor.

Winston-Salem 1950 - 1959 [pdf/3mb/28p]  - includes: first African-American firefighters hired; Peters Creek Parkway planned; Shaffner Park land given to city.

Winston-Salem 1960 - 1969 [pdf/866kb/33p]  - includes: East-West expressway completed; civil unrest; $30 million downtown renewal program approved.

Winston-Salem 1970 - 1979 [pdf/362kb/14p] - includes: Bethabara Park given to city; city takes over Safe Bus Company; Bryce Stuart named 4th city manager.

Winston-Salem 1980 - 1989 [pdf/362kb/9p] - includes: Lester Ervin named first African-American Fire Chief; proposed new coliseum named; city television channel approved.

Winston-Salem 1990 - 1999 [pdf/73kb/10p] - includes: curbside recycling begins; discussions begin on the Southeast Gateway project; first female police chief named, Linda Davis.

Winston-Salem 2000 - 2004 [pdf/59kb/8p] - includes: major bond referendum passed; first year of Rock the Block; Northwest Water Treatment Plant dedicated. 



View a timeline of historical events [pdf/1mb/1p]

To learn more about the history of Winston and Salem, visit the City of Winston-Salem's website's "Discover" page.